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Back Pain

A major study involving 579 patients published in the British Medical Journal found that one to one Alexander Technique lessons have long term benefits for people with chronic lower back pain compared to massage and exercise.   Twenty-four Alexander Technique lessons proved to be the most beneficial.  After  a year those who had Alexander Technique lessons

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Pain Clinic Research

A current evaluation of pain clinic services is being undertaken.  Chronic pain sufferers have been given Alexander Technique lessons in NHS outpatient pain clinics.  The study so far shows that more than half the patients have stopped or reduced their medication. McClean, S. and Wye, L. ( 2012)   Taking Charge, choosing a new direction: A

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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease – The Alexander Technique – A study looking at the effects of Alexander Technique lessons on people with Parkinson’s disease showed they were likely to lead to sustained benefits.  It demonstrated that lessons led to an increased ability to carry out everyday activities. Clinical Rehabilitation (2002) 16 705-718 Stallibrass, C.  Sissons , P. Chalmers,

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