About Me


My previous career was in radio and I was a producer making programmes for Radio 4.  Very interesting but often stressful with lots of deadlines.  I had persistent lower back pain of varying degrees ranging from uncomfortable to very sore.  Nothing seemed comfortable, including my office chair, and I was determined to replace the bed and sofa at home.   After numerous appointments with chiropractors, osteopaths,  physio-therapists, as well as  Pilates, massages, and exercise classes, a friend suggested I tried the Alexander Technique.

During my first lesson my teacher asked me to lie on her table – an integral part of most Alexander lessons – and I was amazed at how comfy it felt, despite the fact that it was actually un-upholstered and quite hard.

I suddenly realised it wasn’t all the furniture that was uncomfortable – it was ME!

I was rapidly sold on the benefits and really looked forward to my weekly lessons.  Instead of coming home uncomfortable after a long day and carrying on feeling uncomfortable all evening I now had an invaluable tool to deal with my tired, achy back.  It was just such a relief.

Since then I have qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher.  My training took three years studying full time at the London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training.  I am a member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique ( STAT) which is the professional body for Alexander Technique teachers. As a member of STAT I am fully insured and have an enhanced criminal record certificate which enables me to work with children.

I spent a year after my training once a week assisting  Professor Peter Buckoke and Judith Kleinman – the Alexander Technique teachers at the Royal College of Music. It is a compulsory part of the musicians’ course to improve their playing,  understand the best way to hold their instrument, learn how to practice more effectively and get through their marathon rehearsals.  It also helps them cope with performance anxiety, and reduces the risk of RSI.

I have myself worked in offices for many years so it is a very familiar environment for me and I feel strongly I want to help.